Mature and Efficient OEM.ODM Service

Normally,our engineering team will have research and development conference on after the customers putting forward specific needs to the sales department, then initially formulated 2-3 sets of technical solutions (including the cost of using the modified solutions, delivery time) to the customers to choose.
Then the customers will selected the preliminary plan and signed with us. After the development agreement, we will make a specific OEM/ODM plan to reconfirm with the customers, arrange proofing after confirmation, after that,we will start small-batch production based on the samples satisfied by the customers, and modify it if there were any problems, finally proceed to mass production after confirmation.

Our our advantages:
1. We have a software and hardware R&D team with many years of experience in intelligent product development
2. We can complete the development of the entire chain from product hardware to software, appearance design to internal electronic structure
3. We have a close cooperative relationship with TUYA, the world's largest smart home platform, and can efficiently promote the development and launch of related products on the TUYA platform
4. We have been deeply involved in the supply chain of smart products, chips, and other materials for many years, and have worked closely with major chip manufacturers around the world, and the chip supply is relatively stable
5. An experienced production team is responsible for product assembly and production to ensure OEM/ODM order delivery

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