ODM Project--LCD Screen Probe Temperature And Humidity Sensor

ODM Project--LCD Screen Probe Temperature And Humidity Sensor

1. Product requirements → Understand the sensor products for measuring temperature and humidity and the certification requirements of the sales market;

2. Sample test → Appearance and function meet the expected demand;

3. Confirm the requirements → what the product should look like, confirm the product's functional requirements, usage scenarios, form, etc.;-The use of a cold storage environment requires a low temperature environment, and the temperature measurement range of the existing product has not been reached. The two parties communicate and confirm the product customization improvement plan;

4. Order confirmation → Confirm the market order demand after the product plan is confirmed;

5. Sign the contract → Sign the sales contract to clarify the product plan requirements and delivery date, and pay the first payment;

6. Plan confirmation → How to make this product, confirm the product ID design, structural plan, electronic plan, software feasibility, and assess the risk-T301 existing mold appearance modification with external Probe temperature measurement;

7. Functional prototype → Design stage: Finally, a functional prototype is produced; circuit schematic design; PCB Layout; structural design; software design;

8. Trial prototype machine → Mold making and design perfect: mold making (mold opening); circuit design perfect (PCB board will be revised); software design perfect;

9. Small batch trial production → Preparation for mass production: production guidance documents, perfect technology; production equipment, fixtures, supplier verification-send samples to customers for confirmation and testing, and sample for certification;

10. Order production → put into production after the samples are confirmed;

11. Complete the inspection → notify the customer of the inspection or the business self-inspection, and notify the customer 1-2 days in advance of the inspection time;

12. Payment of the balance → After the inspection is completed, the customer will be notified to pay the balance, corresponding to the receipt record;

13. Finished products out of the warehouse → print the standard delivery note, sign and release, and pick up the goods;

14. Delivery → Both parties specify the delivery time, place, and related delivery documents;

15. Statement → Follow up with the customer's warehouse to receive the goods.







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