Sigmawit Wholesale Hidden 4G IP67 LTE Waterproof SOS Emergency Anti Lost Elderly Pet Car Tracker GPS


Long Battery Life 

Multi smart working modes in different scenarios to save power. Our 4G GPS tracker GP100 can work up to 60 days and standby more than 12 months

IP67 Water Resistant

Our 4G GPS tracker with a professional design can easily deal with the daily water splash in life

Power saving mode

In most cases, the wireless 4G GPS tracker GP100 only works with Bluetooth base station. In an outdoor environment, if it is within 50 meters of your mobile phone, it will actively connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. If bluetooth disconnection, it can locate and report the positon in 15 seconds. In an indoor environment, it will actively connect to the Bluetooth base station.

GPS/LBS/Wi-Fi/BT Tracking

Using 4 different technologies to accurately locate anything worldwide.

Outdoor: GPS and LBS

Indoor: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location


Our 4G kid or elder tracker support SOS Button to send SOS messages.

Free Tuya App

Our 4G tracker works with Tuya App,you can download the App by Android or IOS phone.

Track History

30 days track historical records for free. Multiple track playback.

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What are the advantages of a 4G gps tracker?

1. With the development of the Internet of Things era, outdated network facilities are gradually being eliminated by governments of all countries, 2G networks are phased out in some Tier 1 countries, and 4G networks have covered most countries. In terms of performance and data transfer rate, a 4G locator tracker is better than 2G/3G GPS tracking device.

2.  The connection of 4G LTE GPS tracker is never interrupted,The 4G GPS tracker device can receive GPS signals instantly, and The target you track can be presented in the APP,  So you can get the location information in real-time.

Generally, 4G IP67 waterproof GPS trackers device can work stably and in long-term operation.

As more and more countries roll out 4G networks,  4G LTE GPS trackers will become more and more popular in the market and will be the workhorse of tracking devices. it will be a good choice to have a GPS tracker for your car, pet, kid, and parents.

Why we need a 4G GPS tracker?

Though most countries use 2G/3G trackers, with the development of network technology,  5G and 4G are a new trending technology, and 5G/4G is gradually replacing 3G/2G networks.

As we all know, tracking devices rely more on GPS and network technology, when something wrong with the 2G/3G network, the 2G/3G tracking device cannot work anymore, and won't transmit data to the server, you need to have a 4G GPS tracker to replace.

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