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Our Apple key tracker FD625 , the function is the same as Air Tag. Without distance limits, Billions of IOS users form a Apple Find my network to help you find things. For instance, If you are flying from HKG to LA, but your suitcase takes a wrong turn to BKK.  Our key tracking device FD625 can help you track the suitcase position. It is suitable for Key, Bag, Wallet, Luggage, Pet, Glasses, Kid, And Elder.

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How does it work?

Your Apple tracking device can be detected by the nearby Apple device in the Find My APP network by Bluetooth function.These devices will send the location data of your key finder to Find My iCloud----then you can see it on a map by Find My APP. The whole process is encrypted anonymously to protect your privacy.

Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network

When youʼve left something far behind, for example, if left at the beach or the gym. Billions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices users form an Apple Find my network to help you find your key finder. And your privacy will be protected in every step of the way.

Lost Mode function to find things much easier

The same as other Apple Air tag, our Apple finder can enter Lost Mode. Then, when it is found by Apple device in the network, you will receive a notification automatically.Apple Find My will show your key finder location.

Protect your privacy

Your Find My Keys locators position can only be known by yourself. The airtag tracker keychain tracker will never store your location data and history. Remain anonymous showing the location of your product, and the position data is encrypted every step of the way. So even Apple cannot know your key finder position or the identity of the Apple device that helps you to find it.

Work with Siri

Forgetting your wallet is no more a big deal when it has key finder attached.You can play a sound in the Find My APP or say:"Hey Siri, find my wallet.'' if it is hiding by the couch or next room, just follow the sound until you find it.

Long battery life

1. Apple Find My key tracker battery can work for about 1 year standard battery you can easily replace.

2. From your Iphone, you can know when should replace a new one battery for your Find My smart key finder.

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