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Smart Remote Control

Smart Remote Control is an electronic device with App used to operate another device from a distance, usually wirelessly by clicking the App on a smart phone or tablet.

Best Smart Garage Door Opener GD811 Supplier
Best Smart Garage Door Opener GD811 Supplier
Shenzhen SigmaWit Technology Co., Ltd. Best Smart Garage Door Opener GD811 SupplierGD811 is a companion device to an existing garage door opener which makes your garage door be smarter and more secure. It allows multiple users to control and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world. You can also open and close garage door by voice command.. For sectional garage door opener, rolling garage door opener,sliding door opener, sliding gate opener swing door opener.1. Compatible with Tuya smart life app2. Used for exsisting garage door opener3. Remote control and Voice control by alexa or google asistant.4. Send notifications when door is open or closed, or opened for a long time5. Set schedules, 6. Share function: Allow Multiple users to access,7. Geofence control, you can use GPS to automatically open the door when back home, or close the door when you leave home8. It is a wireless connection, the connection is very easy.9. Suitable for roller door/sectional door/sliding door
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