Why we need a thermometer and hygrometer?

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What is thermometer and hygrometer?

Thermohygrometer is a device used to measure the current air temperature and relative humidity at a specific location. Temperature is usually measured in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. Relative humidity refers to the saturation degree of water vapor in the air, usually expressed in percentage.


Our wireless wifi and bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer readings even from your mobile phone APP,  convenient for use in the home, labs, storage areas, incubators, refrigerators or fume hoods.

Why is it important to a have a thermometer and hygrometer?

So far, the biggest reason for thermometer and hygrometer is to control the temperature and humidity around the final product. In most cases, it will help you reduce damage to protected products.

The temperature and humidity sensor will alert you with a message from our sensorpro app when the temperature and humidity exceeds or falls below your set value. Our hygrometer thermometers feature remote control to help you monitor temperature and humidity anytime, anywhere.

What is the application of thermometer and hygrometer?

1. Home wireless thermometer and hygrometer

According to research on the relationship between coronavirus and indoor climate (link: https://www.tfa-dostmann.de/en/corona-virus-temperature-humidity/)

Thermo-hygrometers are also useful during the coronavirus pandemic. Viruses like to live in air with low humidity and low temperatures. By contrast, higher temperatures and humidity can limit the spread of the coronavirus.


Low humidity can result in very dry air, which increases the likelihood of contracting airborne viruses such as the flu, possibly because of their ability to survive longer in dry, cool conditions and irritated nasal passages that make them more susceptible to infection. Eczema can get worse and dry skin can be uncomfortable. Higher humidity in your home creates an environment for two of the most common and least desirable triggers of asthma and allergies—dust mites and mold. Therefore, it is important to know the humidity level in your environment as it can affect your skin, health, comfort and ability to work, especially for newborns. Most people find 30% to 60% relative humidity to be the most comfortable, and with a hygrometer, you can keep an eye on your family's temperature and humidity through the sensorpro APP.

2.Building materials humidity meter

For instance,  you're expanding your property and have a concrete subfloor before the hardwood floors. If the concrete has a big humidity before laying the floor, it can cause huge problems, as any humidity in the concrete will naturally try to migrate to drier areas - in this case, the flooring material. This can cause the floor to swell, blister or crack - making all your hard work go to waste and leaving you with no choice but to replace it. With a humidity meter, you can store in the right humidity.

3. Pharmaceuticals hygrometer thermometer


Such as certain pharmaceuticals is extreme sensitivity to moisture. If storage in an improper humidity environment, it can alter the characteristics of the product until it becomes useless, which is why products like medical pills, dry powders and vaccine are stored in controlled conditions at precise humidity and temperature levels.

4.Cold Chain hygrometer thermometer


Why is temperature and humidity sensor used in the cold chain? If the food kept in an Improper temperature, microbes present in the food will act at a higher speed, which can cause different food-borne diseases and the modification of the organoleptic characteristics of the product.    

To be honest, once the chain is broken, it cannot be fixed. For example, if a product is refrozen, ice crystals will form inside the food. These crystals can break down the muscle fibres in the meat and cause it to lose its characteristics


wireless thermometer and hygrometer helps us check the chain’s proper functioning, we can monitor the process from start to finish. Anyway, without a good understanding of the cold chain and its technical standard, we cannot act in an informed manner and take appropriate action. This is the only way to avoid breaking the cold chain and putting food at risk.

5.Greenhouse hygrometer thermometer


Using a thermometer and hygrometer allows you to monitor and control two key variables in plant development - temperature and humidity. Gardeners build greenhouses to have more control over the plant's environment for better results at harvest. The right temperature and humidity are important for growing crops to achieve greater quality, efficiency, consistency and speed in their growing projects.


The Wifi Greenhouse Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer is our top choice for monitoring temperature and humidity. As the name suggests, you don't need to read the conditions in the greenhouse. You can check temperature and humidity anywhere on your smartphone or PC. Importantly,  with a remote greenhouse temperature monitor, you can set alarms to notify you immediately when the temperature or humidity exceeds your desired setting. You can also store and view historical data (our temperature and humidity data logger Sensorpro App can save more than 2 years of historical data), allowing you to spot trends and spot any issues.


These wireless thermometer and hygrometer work through either a WiFi network or Bluetooth, so you can view conditions from anywhere at any time and receive alerts. It is the most convenient way to monitor your greenhouse.

6. Thermometer and Hygrometer for storing cigar

Do you believe that a hygrometer thermometer can help you prolong your cigar life? In many ways, premium cigars are like wine, orchids, or humans traveling through space. They are natural, organic and environmentally sensitive. In a heated or air-conditioned room, cigars will dry and die as quickly as the most delicate flower in less than an hour. In a well-maintained humidor with an atmosphere very similar to that of a tropical island, cigars will last for years. They are mature products with a carefully controlled combination of temperature and humidity.

Our wireless themometer and hygrometer is also suitable for labs, storage areas, incubators, fume hoods. RV, breeding, musical instruments, brewing, construction and so on, welcome to contact us for a better recommendation!

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